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Download on Google Play is one the top cougar dating websites that one can browse through in the United Kingdom. It helps to bring together older Cougars with younger boys who are ready to be toy boys. They are the right choice for people who want to fulfill their needs of lust and love in a safe manner. Here at this UK cougar dating site, everything is not just about hook ups and flings, there is a lot more to this site than what one sees. Unlike the other dating websites, here they make sure that all the accounts are properly authenticated so that there are no fake accounts.

When one signs up for such a cougar dating site, they have their questions about privacy and security. Here all such questions are answered in the best way and by providing the best service. Through this site, one can reach thousands of Cougars having different personalities and styles. Toyboy Warehouse has been successful in creating a website that is free from all social stereotypes that one should date or be involved with someone of their age group. They have cougar dating a much more enhanced focus and opened up a new world for many people.


Just like other dating websites, even has some unique features that make it stand out. These include:

1.No fake accounts – here there are a special group of people who ensure that all the accounts are properly authenticated and that no scammers or fake accounts can exist.

2.Private – one of the unique features includes the level of privacy this site follows. They make sure that everything their users do on the site is completely independent of their personal life and that no information can be leaked. This gives the users a sense of security and makes them more satisfied.

3.User-friendly – this cougar dating site is extremely user-friendly. One just needs the basic knowledge of how to use a computer and they will be able to avail the services.

4.Instant messaging – unlike other dating sites where one needs to be a match to send a message here one can send an instant message and even winks to show that they are interested and would like to meet. If one doesn’t like someone and seems bothered with them texting they can reject the messages as well.

5.Fast action – if anyone has any issues they can report it and the site will try to solve the issue instantly. Further, if anyone has questions they can visit the frequently asked questions tab to make things easier for themselves. This way if anyone feels their questions are stupid they wouldn’t have to feel embarrassed as they can check the FAQs.

Customer Service

Here at this UK Cougar dating site customer service is of utmost importance. Even though they do not have an application they are reachable from any portable device and don’t give the problem of compatibility. They make sure their customers are giving top notch service and do not have to face any unnecessary troubles. They had made sure that once a customer signs in they enter the largest community of cougars and toyboys and get everything they were looking for.


Registering for this Cougar Dating site in the UK is quite simple. One can avail limited services in the beginning and can later get their account upgraded by paying the subscription. By doing this one can gain access to thousands of profiles of gorgeous cougars and handsome toy boys. They can create their own profiles as well when they sign up for free. However, it is important that one makes the profile honestly and reflects one’s true version. However, with a free membership, one cannot send instant message and links to others. If one wants to show some interest in a profile they need to pay the subscription to get their account upgraded and then they will have full access to the site and all profiles.

Besides the free membership, there is a premium membership. Here by paying a sum of £ 12.49 one can get their free account upgraded to a premium one. Here they follow a recurring billing system, this means that the subscription will be charged to the mentioned card every month unless the user cancels the membership. Once the membership is canceled the subscriptions won’t be charged anymore but your account will stay premium for the period that has already been paid for. Also, this sincerity charged to your card appears as ‘TBW’ on one’s bank statement which helps in keeping this a secret.

Active Member

This site is for cougars and toyboys. Once you sign in you enter the world full of captivating women who have the urge to be with young handsome toy boys. There is no judgment involved so one can express their interest properly. When someone starts cougar dating, then choosing the site is quite confusing but this UK Cougar dating site is the perfect choice as it has a balanced blend of people with different personalities. You may find international business men interacting with Cougars on their trips, single moms wanting to add some spice to their life, young boys trying to understand how their body works and many such people. This toyboy dating site is a perfect choice for all gays, lesbians and straight people.

Privacy Policy

The most important factor that comes in one’s mind while getting involved in such cougar dating site is the privacy policy. This site is independent of other sites and so your information would not flash anywhere except this site. The security services of this site are commendable as well. They make sure there is proper authentication of all accounts. This means that all the comments and photos are checked to ensure proper quality of people. They have sufficient provisions for keeping the data secure and safe to prevent manipulation of data. When one’s choosing Toyboy Warehouse they are making the perfect choice because there is security, privacy, good crowd, reasonable fees and simple process all at the same time.

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