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Cougar is not simply a term; it is but an experience, a vigorous, voluminous, varied exercise of living life to the fullest and loving without boundaries. It is a spirited endeavour that brings the cougar and cub closer, binding them in an exciting bond of passion.

Hence, Cougar Life is the perfect vessel which helps the older, modern, confident woman connect with a younger, dashing, charming man in the voyage of love. Since 2008, Cougar Life has become one of the largest Cougar Dating Site in the world that has risen up in the popularity charts with unbridled consistency. Whether you are a woman who prefers intimacy fuelled by the fire exuding the younger male or you are a man seeking a sexy, mature, older partner, this is the place where you should be.

From the time we heard Dustin Hoffman speak the now famous line, “Mrs. Robinson, You are trying to seduce me…” in the movie version of The Graduate, being a cougar has become synonymous with a glamorous older woman with the charms and panache to seek out a younger man. Although being a cougar dates back to uncharted history with evidence of Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, Elizabeth I etc., flying the Cougar flag high, it is only now that we are coming to terms with it and falling in love with the experience.

In today’s Cougar Dating in USA, anyone can be a cougar, from Executives to moms, to presently single women. Just leave behind the baggage a traditional relationship entails and it’s your turn to enjoy a frothy, frolicking relationship with a younger man.

A cougar can be any size, shape or age, be it in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or even more. You are welcome to be a part of our great online society.

And if you are a younger man looking for a sexy older woman, this is your hub that beckons you to express yourself freely, seek the woman you search, profess your love even if the age difference is 5 to 20 years.

The setting is like none other and Cougar Life is the place to be if it is a Cougar Dating experience you seek.


Cougar Life is not simply a Cougar Dating Site; it is a place you visit for a wholesome experience. Live the Cougar Phenomenon through the site where Cougars and cubs mingle, date and fall in love. It is a dating paradise and lovers are always invited.

Private Photo Exchange: Only on Cougar Life can you share your special moments or photo stories with anyone who grabs your interest.

  1. Find a Date Tonight: See who is available, go out and live the love over a coffee or a drink.
  2. Chat: Connect instantly and get to knowing each other immediately
  3. Gifts: Only on Cougar Life, send and receive gifts to establish a connection and stand out of the crowd. This increases your chances and lets you speak more than words and a possibility for a heart touching communication without saying anything at all.
  4. Priority Messaging: The site does not take a chance with love and a connection finding its way. Hence, any messages you send goes right at the top of the recipient’s inbox, such that they do not miss out on you.
  5. Advanced search: Searching what you are seeking is simple with the varied search tools which minimise the chances of hit and miss and helps you land on the page of the person you are looking for.

Customer service

The customer base is either young and restless or mature and prime; hence the responsibilities are varied towards them. Therefore, dedication towards the customers is an all-time top priority and our efforts show grand results as top Cougar Dating USA reviewing sites rate the site with top marks. Also contacting the customer service is easy and they are diligent in their replies.

Active Members

Active members of the site solely comprise of Cougars and Cubs.

With poetry of effervescence trust on the platform of maturity and confidence, in and out of the bedroom, the Cougars come with an experience of life. They are good at taking care of themselves as well as the cubs, who join them in a romantic pursuit. Sometimes they cook up a storm while not missing an appointment at the gym or the salon and sometimes they date with a vitality that a younger woman seldom misses out on. They are the greatest connoisseurs of the independent life, a life sans drama filled with laughter and love. USA Cougar Dating has been a well-accepted concept by almost all sections.

A cub, on the other hand, brings in the energy of youth and optimism towards a life yet to be lived. They are not bound by traditional mindsets and devoid of judgments and in their pursuit of love, they transcend all confines. Their young age is their mighty edge that they brandish in search for the ultimate romantic thrill.


Signing up on Cougar Life to enjoy Cougar Dating is free. With signing up, comes connecting with the woman or man of your dreams, sending them a flirt or messaging them to win their hearts. You also have access to the search tools that makes your search for the elusive, easy and achievable.

But for further amenities, you can subscribe at very simple rates. For a Yearly Membership, you pay just $12/12 months and along with the extra service you receive 3000 credits which help you in sending gifts to the one you wish to woo. For a 3 Month Membership, you pay $29/3months and receive a credit of 500. With just $40/month you get 100 credits along with the Monthly Membership.

With the membership comes outstanding perks. You immediately earn a Premium Member Badge that will be showcased on your profile giving you the added advantage of enticing the loveliest. You also receive Exclusive Viewing Access which gives you unhinged access to new profiles for their first six hours. You also become a Recommended Member which helps connection even simpler as you are recommended to new Cougars or cubs on the site.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is strict and extensive. Every picture, personal information that you share with on the online platform or mobile platform is private and the site is completely committed to it. Any services that you use are strictly confidential and to meet the stringent rules and regulations, a Privacy Officer, who oversees our privacy practices and our compliance with Privacy Policies, has been appointed.

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