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Cougar Date is one of the most popular cougar dating sites. Is it wrong to want someone younger than oneself or older than oneself? Absolutely not! The society has its notion and stereotypes but ‘Cougar Dating’ has gained much love from the people settled in Australia. The concept of such dating is very simple; it is a platform where older women are able to fulfill their sexual desires with the companionship of much younger men. 

While dating is considered to be a serious deal in Australia Cougar Dating is nothing but a much needed break when someone has just come out of a serious relationship or wants to try something new. What makes this unique and special is that one person is always more experienced than the other and can handle things rather maturely and quit the drama.

This Australia Cougar dating site is the perfect site to visit if your needs are similar to those mentioned above. It provides a link between the older women who want to feel young and young boys who want to gain some experience. The best part is that you can join for free and avail limited services to get an idea of how the site works and what the crowd is like. You can view profiles, upload one of your own and even send unlimited winks.


1. Unique- this dating site is different from other as they provide a free trial for a few months. This helps the user in making his decision and attracts more people.

2. Location based- over here one can search people by location – state, city as well as locality! They give no false hopes and will make sure the users know who is available and how far they are so that nobody is forced to try out a long distance relationship.

3. Full disclosure- When a person has upgraded his account and paid the subscription they can easily check who all have viewed their profile. They can even create their own dating diary and maintain a record of their experiences. There is full disclosure of one’s activities here.

4. User friendly- If the customer has any complains or issues they can get these resolved as soon as possible. All they have to do is Lodge a complaint and the issue will be taken care of in an expedite manner. Moreover, this app has a simple, easy to understand structure making it user friendly for users from all age groups.

5. Safe- This site is completely safe and secure. No information shared here can be leaked or manipulated. They use adequate software to prevent unauthorised access to any kind of information. Further, they have various security procedures and principles that avoid misuse of data.

6. Winks- Like every dating site, even cougar date has its own action to show interest in some one. Here if one likes someone’s profile then they send them a wink which establishes the fact that they are interested in them.

Customer Service

Cougar date Australia seeks to satisfy its customers to the fullest. They make it a point that the users get what they are looking for and no information is leaked. They dissolve any issues that may arise and are very reachable. They don’t force their users to post private information and promise them to keep everything confidential. is one of the raging dating websites in Australia and one of the reasons why it is so well known is because of its excellent customer service.

Active members

The majority of users, as the name suggests, comprises of the seniority in the population looking for some young love. Similarly, it is a great app for youngsters who like older women. There are divorced women, widows, single women who are in their late thirties, forties and the like. You may also find young boys who are available to try something new. Not everyone at a cougar dating site is looking for a serious relationship but some might just hope that a fling will convert into a serious relationship. As the name suggests this site is for cougars. After the promotion of cougar dating through various sitcoms like Cougar Town, Desperate Housewives people have become more open to this idea and are more willing for a casual relationship with someone younger. This site is not restricted to just straight couples but is open to all types of people be it gay, lesbians or even bisexual.


Even though people here can sign up for free and enjoy selective services, in order to interact with people they need to pay the required fees as mentioned in the ‘contact with us’ tab. The billing method is recurring which means that unless and until you cancel your membership, it will be renewed directly from your account. If there is any change in the subscription then the users are informed in advance. One is asked to keep their username and password a private affair as in case of any fraudulent activity taking place from their account, the company won’t be considered to be at fault. With such simple payment methods once the user has subscribed, they can enjoy excellent service of one of the leading cougar dating site. All payment gateways used to make the transaction are secure.

Privacy Policy

Cougar Date Australia understands the importance of privacy and takes every measure to ensure its preservation. All personal details inputted by customers are stored in a secure manner with heavy encryption. The payment gateways are perfectly safe as well. All net banking or card details are encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone other than the payment gateway. Encryption software implemented properly ensures that no hacker or unwanted entity achieves access to this information. Thus, one can rest assured and subscribe with us without any worries regarding any data leak. A lot of customers question the very requirement of any personal information. The answer to that is that cougar date tries to make matches that can be as lasting as possible. Hence, we allow subscribers to exchange personal information before meeting each other. This has been a key aspect in the success of our app.

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